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May 05, 2015

I’m following what all the cool kids are doing and have switched my blog to Jekyll. Playing around with it some and have updated some of my posts. The main reason I switched was for the better syntax highlighting, something non-coders don’t necessarily deal with.

It was frustrating at first, and I had previously tried and abandoned it when it got too complicated. (One thing I’m missing right now is spell checker from my text editor.) But I finally ran across this post and it set me on the right path. One thing that did throw me for a loop was I imported my old blog posts (from blogger) (can you tell I like parens?) and was trying to edit them as markdown files, but the importer had brought them over as html files. My d’oh moment for the day.

I’m rambling now, but I wonder if I could use a more traditional document editor to type these on, to get the benefits of spell checking?

Let’s try it. This was typed in LibreOffice.

The answer to that is apparently nope. It threw all the formatting off, and must have introduced artifacts that even my text editor didn’t pick up, but Jekyll didn’t like it at all. Will have to play around to see if I can get spell checker to work with just markdown files

Finally, one more shoutout to the guys at Javascript Jabber, who’s episode with John Sonmez lit a fire under me to get this blog going again.

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